2022 TOUR DATES pt.1

26.06 – Wavefest presents @ Baroeg, ROTTERDAM [NL] – CANCELLED
30.06 – Nordstadtbraut 30167, HANNOVER [DE]
01.07 – Konkret Klub, ŁÓDŹ [PL]
02.07 – Madame Claude, BERLIN [DE]
15.07 – Festival Obernair, WALSRODE [DE]
13.08 – Achterban, DEN HAAG [NL]
09.09 – De Peppel, ZEIST [NL]

2022 TOUR DATES pt.2

06.10 – t.b.a., WARSZAWA [PL]
08.10 – CK Nowe Amore, POZNAŃ [PL]
21.10 – t.b.a.
22.10 – t.b.a., HAMBURG [DE]
18.11 – Pierre Grasse, HALLE (Saale) [DE]
19.11 – Kunstraum53, HILDESHEIM [DE]
09.12 – t.b.a., DEN HAAG [NL]
17.12 – t.b.a. [NL]

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With our brand new music video BABYBOOM DICTATORS we want to support all who are suffering from the current things that are happening in the east of Europe (from Ukrainians, to Russians, Belarussian, and anyone else). All donations for this track and all digital (friday)sales on our bandcamp will go to the View on the East Foundation.


Interstellar cosmonaut heroes Staateinde have landed their spaceship in 2006 on earth to bring their sound, discribed as ’Neue-Niederländische-Welle’. Started as a organ-kind-of punk / NDW band,their sound became more electronic over the years. From synthpop to punk, EBM to minimal wave and everything in between and out of the box.

With three 12″ EP’s, two 7″ singles, a cd, several cassettes and contributions on several compilations the band has made . In 2010 their song ‘Ruimtevaart Vooruit’ that was released on a compilation LP become a small underground hit, even outside Europe. A remix version by Rude 66, the b-side of a 7” release [EINDPLANEET] on Dutch based label Enfant Terrible did even better and is still spinned by many dj’s all over the world. After this many releases followed on the following labels: Enfant Terrible, Kernkrach, 4mg records, Onrijn Records, Wharf Records and Lo Phi Forms.

For 2022 a full length LP is expected, for which more info will follow soon!

Der Neo – synths, vocals
Andy Dufter – synths, sequencing, vocals
Metzger Pat – synths, melodica, vocals, fx

Frau Umlaut – vocals (2012-2015)
Doctor Slacht-Zeuger – drums (2006-2015)
Fräulein Fanster – vocals (2012-2013)
Frau Jacke – vocals (2006-2011)
Superintendentur Morritz – bass (2009-2011)

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