Interstellar cosmonaut heroes Staateinde have landed their spaceship in 2006 on earth to bring their sound, discribed as ’Neue-Niederländische-Welle’. Started as a organ-kind-of punk / NDW band,their sound became more electronic over the years. From synthpop to punk, EBM to minimal wave and everything in between and out of the box. 

They released two 7″, a cd, several cassettes, three EP’s and contributions on several compilations. In 2010 their song ‘Ruimtevaart Vooruit’ released on a compilation LP become a small underground hit, even outside the Netherlands. A remix version by Rude 66, the b-side of a 7” release [EINDPLANEET] on Dutch based label Enfant Terrible did even better and is still spinned by many dj’s in Europe and beyond. After this many releases followed on the following labels: Enfant Terrible, Kernkrach, 4mg records, Onrijn Records, Wharf Records and Lo Phi Forms.

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Der Neo – synths, vocals
Andy Dufter – synths, sequencing, vocals
Metzger Pat – synths, melodica, vocals, fx

…Another fascinating piece of work by this Dutch trio, which avoids any label in terms of genre or style… (87/100 – Peek-a-Boo Music Magazine about “Darüber Reden Wir Nicht”)
…Staatseinde’s music calls upon many inspirations, the science fiction dreams of computer music with the longing and romance of wave. The trio comment on the modern world, in their lyrics and their compositions as they challenge audiences and dancefloors. A record in keeping with the traditions of dutch electronic, as the past is revived for a futuristic sound (Igloo Magazine about ‘Dreiheit’)…

…it’s finger-licking good… …Staatseinde put themselves firmly on the electro-world map. The Dutch duo also included a fancy business card with a golden bow logo… (91/100 – Peek-a-Boo Music Magazine about “Neue Zyklus”)
…their most complete piece of music to date… …a magnificent blend of ulterior pop sounds, with influences coming from as far as industrial and techno…(Juno Records about “Neue Zyklus”)
…presenting their unique synth pop style, influences from Neue Deutsche Welle and touches of Dada pop, from a synth soundscape to a bouncing track it is all here… (DJ M. about “The Lost in Time Tapes”)

…it comes out winning on all accounts; the wavey rave melodies, the bittersweet bundles of melodies, and those distant vocals… (Juno Records about “Ende der Zukunft”) …original and classic at the same time… (Maurizio Pustianaz for Chain d.l.k. about “Eindplaneet”)
…het uitermate catchy ‘Ruimtevaart Vooruit’ is het Nederlandse antwoord op ‘Fred vom Jupiter’… (Gonzo Circus about “Ruimtevaart Vooruit”) …ten points ! Très très prometteur qui mélange les influences qu’on aime : wave to freaky electro avec une touche personnelle… (Musiques Incongrues about “Ruimtevaart Vooruit”)
…Staatseinde = killer addictive melodies and hooky hooks, even the dutch tounge is infectious to non NL speakers!… (Mike Smith, ICG Records UK about “Ruimtevaart Vooruit”)

Frau Umlaut – vocals (2012-2015)
Doctor Slacht-Zeuger – drums (2006-2015)
Fräulein Fanster – vocals (2012-2013)
Frau Jacke – vocals (2006-2011)
Superintendentur Morritz – bass (2009-2011)

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