Intergalactic, theatrical, sweaty, nostalgic,… Staatseinde brings a full-on energy live performance with pulsing synthesizers and tantalizing vocals. From Wave to EBM, from NDW to Punk and everything else in and out of the box. It is like going to the club meeting up with Kraftwerk on speed and The Sex Pistols on acid.


05.07.24 – Zeehelden Festival – THE HAGUE [NL]
12.07.24 – Parksessies Afterparty @ Patronaat – HAARLEM [NL]
15.08.24 – Fekete Zaj – GYÖNGYÖS [HU]
31.08.24 – Dutch Modular Fest @ dB’s Studio – UTRECHT [NL]
31.08.24 – Hit The City – EINDHOVEN [NL]
07.09.24 – Rock am Bach – KIRCHZARTEN [DE]
21.09.24 – Shadowfall Festival @ Cinetol – AMSTERDAM [NL]
03.10.24 – Les Vieux de la Vieille – REIMS [FR]
05.10.24 – Magasin4 – BRUXELLES [BE]
19.10.24 – Glamour Toujour @ Kafe Kult – MÜNCHEN [DE]
25.10.24 – Intergalactic FM @ Het Bos – ANTWERPEN [BE]
31.10.24 – Modus:Synth @ Gaengeviertel – HAMBURG [DE]
02.11.24 – t.b.a. – GRONINGEN [NL]
22.11.24 – Voltage Riot Festival @ ARCH Club – ATHENS [GR]
07.12.24 – Ombra Festival – BARCELONA [ES]

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The music video of “Grauw” is the first single taken from the upcoming mini-LP “De Nieuwe Golf” to be released on Wave Tension Records in late 2023. Order the new record on vinyl or as digital release on our bandcamp.
Video by Pascal Bosmann.
– The uplifting italo rifs in “Grauw” take you on a journey through a gray world in which color cannot be taken for granted –


EBM / synth duo Staatseinde is Der Neo (synths, vox, vocoder) and Andy Dufter (synths, sequencer, backing vocals). Stationed in The Netherlands they bring you energetic live performances.

Staatseinde creates a theatrical mix of pulsing electro with nostalgic hopeful synthlines, all performed live with synthesizers, a sequencer and tantalizing vocals. From Wave to EBM, from NDW to Punk and Techno and everything else in and out of the box. They have been assigned with new sub-genres to describe their live performance and sound. Robo-punk, bumper car-techno; it is like The Sex Pistols on Acid with a good sniff of Kraftwerk on speed.

The interstellar cosmonauts landed their spaceship in 2006 to bring their sound, described as ’Neue-Niederländische-Welle’ (New Dutch Wave) to earth. With 2 LP’s, three 12″ EP’s, 7″ singles, CD’s, several cassettes, and contributions on many compilations the band has made a huge discographical overview of their musical history. The upcoming tour dates will be dominated by their latest mini-LP ‘De Nieuwe Golf’, which was released on Dutch label Wave Tension Records. With their long legacy a majority of tracks from the past will be part of their show as well.

– – – – –

Rooted in The Hague, founding member Der Neo found its way through the Caribbean to Utrecht. With a musical background in wave, grunge, digital hardcore, gothic and the natural connection to the West Coast Sound of Holland the veins of Staatseinde are voiced by a very diverse but distinctive raw electronic sound.

After being part of several musical projects ranging from techno, industrial, grunge and shoegaze he founded Staatseinde when finding back a home recording tape named ‘Staatseinde’ that he made in 2004. The first decade they operated as a full band with drums and bass guitar. With Andy Dufter joining them and introducing more synthesizers the duo became the thriving power and solid basis of today’s sound since 2011.

Dufter was influenced by a mix of black metal, grunge, drum ’n bass and euro-house and rolled into electro by tracing up the Dutch West Coast Sound at clubs in Berlin that inspired him to start electro act Lesbian Mouseclicks (2004-2011) and co-founding Radio Resistencia, affiliated to the infamous label Enfant Terrible broadcasting monthly shows for 9 years on illustrious internet radiostation Intergalactic FM.

When their song ‘Ruimtevaart Vooruit’ was released on Enfant Terrible back in 2010 it became a small underground hit, even outside Europe. A remix version by Rude 66 did even better and is still spinned by many dj’s all over the world. After this many releases followed on the following labels: Medical Records (USA), Wave Tension Records (NL), Enfant Terrible (NL), Kernkrach (DE) 4MG Records (SK), Onrijn (NL), Wharf Records (NL) and Lo Phi Forms (NL).

They performed on many occasions ranging from huge festivals, to small underground concerts, nightclubs, art spaces and radio shows. They played shows in many countries. Staatseinde brought their music to The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland and even to China.

Der Neo – vocals, synths
Andy Dufter – synths, sequencing, vocals

Metzger Pat – synths, melodica, vocals, fx (2018-2022)
Frau Umlaut – vocals (2012-2015)
Doctor Slacht-Zeuger – drums (2006-2015)
Fräulein Fanster – vocals (2012-2013)
Frau Jacke – vocals (2006-2011)
Superintendentur Morritz – bass (2009-2011)

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